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HyperWorks 2017 China conference successfully held

Editor:AdminTime:2017-07-24 16:59:31

April 17-17, 2070, HyperWorks 2017 China conference were held in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an were successfully held. A total of more than 500 participants from engineers, designers, technical supervisors, IT people and relevant professional scientific research institutions from the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, ship, electronics, consumer goods, defense industry and other industries.

   HyperWorks 2017 adds a number of features in the areas of model-based development, electromagnetics, nonlinear structural analysis, modeling and meshing, multi-physics and multidisciplinary analysis, and lightweight design and optimization to further create complete innovative simulations platform. In addition, the Altair Partner Alliance adds new products and tools to provide users with the latest and largest tools. HyperWorks 2017 will continue to help users design and optimize performance, lightweight and efficient innovative products.

   At this press conference, Altair technical experts introduced the HyperWorks 2017 enhanced simulation and optimization technology, including the current industry's popular nonlinear structural analysis, multi-physics and multidisciplinary analysis, lightweight design and optimization, Thermonics, NVH, Collision, Fluid Coupling, etc. HyperWorks 2017's new modeling and visualization capabilities include HyperMesh / HyperView / SimLab new features and ConnectMe ™ introduction; HyperWorks 2017 complete electromagnetic field solution that includes high frequency and Low frequency electromagnetic field simulation (FEKO, Flux), radio wave propagation and wireless network planning WinProp; and Altair solidThinking products and high performance computing and resource management system PBS Works product features. At the same time, BYD Auto, Beiqi SUV Research Institute, Shanghai Huizhong, Xifei Technology Center delegates also shared their use of HyperWorks in the practical application and successful experience.

   At the same time, in order to better provide professional solutions for users of the aerospace industry, in this conference Beijing station, special arrangements for aerospace technology applications, in addition to display HyperWorks in modeling, structural optimization and electromagnetic solutions Program, also shared the user practical application case.

   The Shanghai station for the first time to try the live mode to meet the needs of users can not meet the scene, so that users of different regions at the same time to understand the latest HyperWorks 2017 features, by the user's praise.

    In addition, the conference also attracted Altair partner Leadtek Technology, Xi'an platinum force company's support. During the conference, Leadtek introduced the multi-GPU solution for Altair, using WS2020 + Quadro P6000 + Tesla P100, which can achieve stand-alone processing and finite element analysis. NVIDIA's professional GPU graphics and computing performance can be super-large limit to reduce rendering time, improve interactivity, thus speeding up the creation speed, so that customers can quickly market products that all designers yearning for. As a partner of Altair solidThinking in the field of military and aerospace, Xi'an Perrin has demonstrated its 3D printing technology and delivered a keynote speech at the Beijing Aerospace Symposium.

   Altair Greater China, general manager of Dr. Liu Yuan said: "The HyperWorks 2017 China conference through live and live combination of new features and industry applications combined with the partners of the product display for the majority of users with a full range of technical sharing , We hope that through this exchange to further promote the industry's product innovation capability. "