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Finite element software sales

Editor:AdminTime:2017-07-25 10:34:37

HyperMesh - a powerful, high-speed, highly solvable, high-precision CAE modeling environment

HyperWorks - an outstanding enterprise-class CAE simulation platform

OptiStruct - Structural Analysis and Optimization Solver

FEKO - powerful three-dimensional full-wave electromagnetic simulation software

Flux - professional electrical, magnetic, thermal finite element analysis software

PBS Works - High Performance Computing Solutions

RADIOSS - Structural Safety Standards

SolidThinking - Required software for design engineers

MSC.ADAMS - the most powerful, the most widely used mechanical system dynamics simulation tool

MSC.Nastran - multidisciplinary structure finite element solver

MSC.Marc - a leader in the nonlinear finite element software industry

MSC.Actran - a powerful acoustic simulation tool

MSC.Fatigue - professional fatigue simulation analysis software

MSC.Patran - Integrated parallel frame type finite element front and rear processing and analysis simulation system

MathCAD - Engineering Computing Software

FEMFAT - high-end fatigue strength and optimization analysis software

FEV - professional engine software

VI-Grade software

FEACrack - crack propagation analysis software

SPRINK-2000 - Sprinkler systems, hydraulic analysis and fire hydrant systems

SoildWorks - three-dimensional design analysis software

MASTA - Drive System Design Analysis Optimize large software