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Company Overview

Shanghai HePu Software Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering software and service provider. He served in the high-tech fields such as China Aviation, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Mechanical Equipment, Wind Power and Energy, and is committed to providing our customers with industry-leading simulation analysis and information management solutions to help our customers Improve product development level, shorten product development cycle, reduce product development costs, so that in the fierce competition in the product in a leading position. The company's main business: CAE industry software sales, project cooperation, project consulting, project implementation, and related training. The company has a large number of high quality, technical ability, practitioners more than 5 years CAE professionals, and with the industry more than CAE software and consulting firm to form a strategic partnership.

Customer satisfaction, is the company's highest concept. By working with well-known manufacturers and partners at home and abroad, the technical team of Hewlett-Packard Software is constantly studying high-tech technology and accumulating the experience of many projects, providing customers with the practical needs and software and technical resources to provide customers with The best solution and service.

Company development status

Shanghai HePu Software Co., Ltd., the famous domestic CAE software and solutions provider, was established in 2007. Over the years, adhering to the "sharp grasp of the application of trends, fast to meet customer needs," the core business philosophy, adhere to the "application of leading" development path, a professional CAE supplier in East China. Shanghai HePu Software Co., Professional CAE staff, our team in the CAE industry has many years of experience, can provide customers with relevant CAE software sales, training, secondary development and project consulting services in our training center, every month CAE software Of public training, our customers can participate in the relevant training according to their needs.

The services offered by HePu include:

    CAE project consultation

    Altair software, MSC software, Mathcad software and other international mainstream CAE engineering software training

    CAE software secondary development

    Mathcad software modules are templated

The sales software includes:

    HyerWorks software - an outstanding CAE simulation platform solution

    HyperMesh software - a powerful, high-speed, highly solvable, high-precision CAE modeling environment

    MSC.Nastran - the world's most powerful, most widely used finite element analysis software

    MSC.Adams - Multi-body dynamics mechanism simulation software

    Patran - the world's most advanced pre-and post-processing software

    MathCad - the global standard for engineering calculations

    SPRINK -2000 - Sprinkler system hydraulic analysis and fire hydrant system solutions